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Céad míle fáilte & 100 thousand welcomes!
My name is Conor and I’m the editor of Togs & Tales.
I have always had an interest in nature & wildlife, along with a love for the beauty of this small island & in November 2017, I converted this love into a passion for photography & capturing memories of my days out & about.
The idea for Togs & Tales simply started out simply with boredom. I love watching landscape photography vlogs on my work break, but I quickly established there wasn’t much videos or information for that fact on many Irish photographers.
I wanted to find out more about the amazing photographers on this island. I was tired of calling people by the username & chatting to people I literally knew nothing about. Where are you from? Why do you shoot? What are your greatest adventures? I knew nothing other than telling people they were shooting “bangers”.

In a similar fashion to Sir Thomas Heaton, I quickly thought, that if what you want isn’t out there, create it yourself. I initially thought of doing a podcast & asking people about their adventures, but this has been done before and lets face it, no one wants to listen to a podcast by a Monaghan man who still hasn’t mastered his own accent.

So a blog it became. At Togs & Tales, you can read each photographers stories about their passion for taking shots, their good & bad stories in the field & why they love the great outdoors. You’ll laugh & cry, but all in all have a good read. We’re a great community founded by our passion for capturing unique moment in time and sharing our love for Irelands outdoors. I want you all to enjoy every aspect of photography and capture more than a RAW file, but a memory too.
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